I’m Mad.

I’m a creative thinker + freelance graphic designer. Atlanta, Georgia is my home—and my favorite city. I love working with museums, public spaces, and cities to design creative solutions and tell meaningful stories.

Mad Dworschak

Owner, Designer, Explainer-in-Chief

Welcome! You can call me Mad (think wacky-mad, not angry-mad).

I discovered my graphic design destiny in a basement classroom at my public high school and I never looked back. I earned my BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Georgia, where I was indoctrinated into the cult of typography and encouraged to save the world with an infographic.

There, I also learned about having fun with the people you work with: they’ll give you the greatest insight when you least expect it.

Even several years into my professional career, I’m still optimistic about the power of design. As a freelance graphic designer in Atlanta, I strive to build a beloved community for all. My clients come from many fields—local businesses and agenciesprivate commissionssocial and civic organizations—but they all have big hearts and a passion for their communities, just like me.

I’m proud to call Atlanta home.

I’ve been a local since kindergarten; my mom grew up here during the formative 1960s. When I moved intown after college, I couldn’t keep track of all the neighborhoods people mentioned. So I began to create my own map, which eventually became my Atlanta Neighborhoods series.

Atlanta Neighborhoods by Freelance Graphic Designer Mad Dworschak

As I spent countless hours researching Atlanta’s 240+ neighborhoods, my understanding of the city grew deeper. Next, I used my hard-nosed typography skills to make my map pleasing to read. To get the prints produced to my standards, I relied on my tenacity and communication skills. And it was my genuine love for the city that helped me sell all 100 of my first-edition Atlanta Neighborhoods screen prints.

If I did this on my own, imagine what we could create together!

Proven Methods of Madness

Print Design

typography, posters, menus, information design

Environmental + Interpretive Design

signage, placemaking, exhibit design


logos, typography, colors, business collateral


copywriting, editing, interpretive writing

Therese Huffman

“Mad has a good grasp of how to organize information into storylines. She is quick to research topics and capture unique themes to present to visitors.”

-Therese Huffman, Owner, Signature Design

  Why Go Mad?

  • formally trained in design and art history
  • great communication skills
  • excels in demanding environments
  • demonstrates empathy as a core value
  • organized and responsible, still a weirdo
  • very personable, makes hilarious jokes
  • big-picture thinker with an eye for detail

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